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Language Solutions

” Bring Global connectivity for Your Business “


“ Language Is No More the Barrier for Your Business Growth ”


(Translation, Editing and Proofreading) The expert team accurately translates the document representing the original version. We maintain high quality in the translated document through editing and our dedicated proofreading experts spice up the document quality through keen observations

Voice Over

The modulated voice experts with the language knowledge converts the narrations into different audio language keeping intact with the concepts. The most fitting audio recordings are rendered for different corporate services

Sub Titling

The language sub titling service is provided for all sorts of visual media. The translators localize the language and take the process over more than two iterations to provide the accurate subtitles


The high level of interpretation service is rendered for all verticals in wide range of concepts. They provide with the interpreters to offer the consecutive interpreting, over the phone interpretation and simultaneous interpretation

Languages We Emphasis on

“ Service in Your Language ”

  •    Asian Languages
  •    African Languages
  •    Russian
  •    French
  •    Spanish
  •    Portuguese
  •    Czech
  •    Dutch
  •    Danish
  •    Norwegian
  •    Turkish
  •    Italian
  •    Polish
  •    Persian
  •    Arabic

Why PPTS Language Solutions ?

“ Reinforce Your Brand Identity ”

  • Superior Support

    Our expert team provides complete language support for your business to conquer the global market.

  • Confidential Business

    We handle the documents with complete ethics and manage the whole process with high confidentiality.

  • Accurate localization

    The team understand the pulse of the native audience and our results justify the localization.

  • Outstanding Outcome

    Our team works towards flawless results by understanding the technical behaviour having superior language expertise.

  • Quick Turnaround time

    The dedicated team delivers even at tight delivery deadline without compensating on the quality.

  • Quality Translations

    We justify all sorts of linguistic services through deep understanding of the core requirement.

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