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“ Faster than SEO ”

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords is a search engine marketing strategy or Pay-per-click services in which the advertiser pays for each click made by the user on the advertiser’s ad in the Google search.

Similar to SEO, when a user searches for something related to your services your Ad will be shown within the first three results of the Google Search. In Google AdWords, you will not be charged when your Ad is shown, but only charged when the user clicks on your Ad and visit your website.

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Benefits of Google AdWords

“Advertise directly to people searching for your services ”

  1. AdWords are faster than SEO

With Google AdWords, one can focus on multiple keywords at a time. A campaign can be turned on or off whenever it is needed. Also, the Ads which appear on the top of the Google search have immediate visibility and has high chances of visitors and conversions.

  1. Advertise directly to people searching for your services

Google has a huge audience which AdWords allows you to reach them and direct that audience to your website. With Google Ads, you can ensure that your audience is niche, and using sophisticated filters for keywords, targeting your customers is much easy compared to any other marketing forum.

  1. Measurable ROI

Google AdWords allows you with the insight of exactly what you are getting out of the Ads as it is possible to measure your ROI. You can measure the number of clicks and the number of impressions you are getting for your Ad, and compare that with sales and revenue.

  1. Pay only when people click

In Google AdWords, the advertiser pays for their Ad only when a user clicks on it. Otherwise, the advertiser doesn’t have to pay for any number of times their Ad is shown in Google search. In this case, any online user who views your Ad is likely to be already interested in what you offer, so paying when they click your Ad is usually worth the cost. So a reputed PPC services company in India will make use of this advantage and enables these services to support any business.

Types campaigns in Google AdWords

  • Search Ads

Search Ads or otherwise known as text Ads are visible in the first three positions in the Google search. These search ads are identical to the organic SEO results, the only difference is the tag ‘Ad’ available for each one. These Ads increase the number of website visitors through a complex bidding system.

  • Display Ads

Display Ads appears in numerous forums and formats. These Ads will be displayed in the search engines at the Ad space allocated by the search engine algorithm. These Ads doesn’t appear when a user searches something, rather it appears on the screen whether the user is interested in its services or not.

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