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Who We Are?

We are focused on providing solutions to the client need through various technological platforms. We believe that the best results are achieved through close collaboration with our clients and other associates whom we serve. Therefore, our team focuses towards building strong relationships with the stakeholders and understands the issues and aspirations that drive them.

We endeavor to provide an environment that is challenging, rewarding, emotionally satisfying and conducive to Human Growth and High Motivation. From the moment an individual comes on board, they are considered a part of the family.

We believe in a Work Life Balance. At PPTS Work Life balance is inter-connected. That includes how we work, when we work – whether we work from home – maternity / paternity holidays and personal time off to spend quality time off with family/beloved ones and finally, how they are rewarded at work.

We believe in 'A LIFE PHILOSOPHY' that coming to work and belonging to PPTS must have meaningful purpose. Here at PPTS we are open about the fact that Life will be rewarding if we are responsible and committed at work. We believe that everyone has talent, everyone has the potential and if an environment is created to harness potential and talent then the individual wins, the Organisation Wins.

Therefore working at PPTS is about an individual being at his talented and most potential best so that his personal life is a happy and harmonious Life.

While we encourage our people to work diligently we also urge them to live a full life. People realize that they are coming to work thereby ensuring that their Life Dreams are also fulfilled. Thus Work / Life is truly a balance.


Our Groups

PPTS is aimed at delivering high quality solutions to our clients through our services. Our company has developed many projects for the past few years.

Registered Office

Tower 1A, VII Floor,CHIL SEZ IT Park,
Coimbatore - 641035
Tamil Nadu , India.


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